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REO Pools
West End Investment Group represent a large New York City base Real Estate Investment fund who is looking to make principle investments in single family residential product. We buy both REO as well as non-performing/performing mortgage product. West End Investment Group is a unique service provider with the ability to purchase and distribute bulk REO transactions as a direct buyer. By concentrating our relationships in targeted MSAs, WEIG is able to efficiently provide funding avenues that are frequently rooted in the communities where the properties are located. Working directly with asset owners and local real estate organizations allows WEIG to define a price target on bulk transactions that will benefit the asset holder as well as creating marketable properties in the local communities. Our unique approach to pool size and price allow WEIG to assemble the proper approach to meet our client’s time and price expectations.
Required Documentation
• Asset level tape or pool (excel spreadsheet format only).
• Letter of Intent to specify your convention for bidding.
• Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA).
Any pools in PDF format or faxed will not be accepted.
Please submit your tape or pool via email only.
Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA) may be emailed or faxed.
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