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Real Estate Development
West End Investment Group invests in a wide range of development and redevelopment projects. In partnership with one of New York’s most respected and experienced development companies, West End is poised to be an industry leader. With over 40 years of experience in land development, construction, renovation, and project management, we possess the unique skill set required to successfully acquire, develop, and manage complex projects.
West End Investment Group is currently interested in acquiring unvalued and stalled development projects throughout the United States. Specifically, we are interested in strong multifamily, office, and mixed use projects that meet our minimum Internal Rate of Return (IRR) requirements.
Is simple - to sustain our business at a level which allows us to:
• Perform an outstanding job for every Client,
• Offer a secure environment, professional growth, and ownership opportunities to our clients,
• Form enduring relationships with everyone we work with Clients, Suppliers,and Community.
With every project we undertake is simple – they are:
• To stay within our client’s budgetary guidelines;
• To complete all work on schedule;
• To produce the exact end result our client desires.
In order to accomplish this we:
• Listen very carefully;
• Are sensitive to client’s needs, and those of their staff;
• Professionally address every challenge;
• Develop practical solutions to even the most complex challenge;
• Will not take on more work than the Principals of West End Investment Group can personally direct.
Everyone within the West End organization works within the following principles:
• Our Projects are the Priority! – nothing will supersede this belief.
• We believe that mutual respect and dignity between all that work with us is critical to our success. We insist that all actions, balance the interests of our Customers, the Community and Colleagues.
• Continuous learning and education is a vital trait for all people working in our organization. We strive to create a climate that is conducive to learning and welcomes challenge and question.
• A reasonable profit is a measure of West End’s health and a means to share its success with those who have invested their time, money and energy.
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