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Targeting Value
West End Investment Group has seen an increasingly significant opportunity develop for the acquisition of undervalued property. Our target is to purchase properties that are currently undervalued and underdeveloped and primed for substantial capital appreciation, making you great money along the way. We are dedicated to providing only the highest quality investment opportunities available. Our expertise and extensive property analysis coupled with a national network provides West End Investment Group with one of its greatest strengths. The ability not only to identify extraordinary investment opportunities, but the connections necessary to close on properties quickly and efficiently.
Just a few of the other advantages are listed below:
• Investment Diversification
• Asset Allocation
• Annual Income?
• Capital Appreciation
Property Locations
West End Investment Group understands that undervalued properties exist nationwide. That is why we have established an extensive nationwide network to alert us to wealth building opportunities when they arise. Our focus is on opportunity. Currently, West End Investment Group is positioned to aggressively acquire multi-family properties with phenomenal potential in the Southern Nevada area for both annual income and capital appreciation. West End Investment Group will be purchasing six to twelve undervalued multi-family homes this year located in rising markets.
West End Investment Grouphas very stringent guidelines for selecting multi-family residential and commercial properties. We follow proven standards for determining whether a property will be a performing asset or not. We specialize in acquiring undervalued or underperforming properties that present an opportunity to increase overall value through sound management principles at a minimum; West End Investment Group maintains the following investment criteria:
Overall Asset Requirements
• Up to 20 million dollar transaction size
• Joint venture and development deals considered
• Only small levels of deferred maintenance considered
• Minimum of 6% current CAP Rate
• Age: up to 35 years old
• Asset Quality: C+ or better
• Location: strong markets and submarkets; Will consider emerging markets or a slow market where there are signs of a strong uptrend.
• Asset Quality: B or better
• Location: B or better. Good location with strong demographics.
• Tenancy: Good credit anchored tenants with triple-net and NNN leases. No Single Tenant.
• Asset Quality: B or better
• Location: B or better
• Tenancy: Multi-tenants; no single tenants.
• Asset Features: concrete construction, min 30,000 sqft.
• Location: Close proximity to major modes of transportation. Must have good accessibility, especially for industrial type vehicles. Must be located near major metropolitan areas.
• Age: Built after 1980
• Service, distribution or light manufacturing centers.
• Tenancy: Strong credit tenant. Will consider if occupied by strong single long-term tenant with NNN lease.
For prompt consideration,your submissions must include the following information:
• Physical submission and photographs
• Market description
• Tenant sales (retail)
• Current rent roll
• 2-years of historical information
• Sight maps and aerials
Please fax your property to 888.830.5259 or email to info@westendinvestments.com
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